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OCR A Level Media Studies

Rob Miller | Tuesday August 18, 2015

Categories: A Level, OCR A Level, OCR A2, OCR AS

New OCR A Level Media Studies Resources

We are developing a series of new resources for the new GCSE and A Level Media Studies specs. These are likely to include an overview planner, teaching guide, online slides, student workbook and a glossary. We hope to start publishing them in June.

Legacy Resources

OCR AS Media Studies Textual Analysis and Representation (TV Drama) and Institutions and Audience

Welcome to Edusites Media’s comprehensive resources and materials link covering all aspects of G322 OCR Textual Analysis and Representation, Institutions and Audience and G321, Foundation Portfolio in Media.

Studying TV Drama and Institutions and Audience suggests a broad area of work but focussing on key areas of academic study we have everything covered – this includes in depth schemes of work with embedded links and exemplar responses, including case studies for Section A and Section B, ‘How to Analyse’ Worksheets, Codes and Conventions of TV Drama Sub Genre Articles and a range of associated resources to kick start the topic.

Expert advice as always is close at hand and we offer differentiated half or full day revision courses to stimulate your pupils/students into attaining higher grades and maximising and improving on their existing potential.

AS Scheme

AS Mock & Sample Responses

Section A: TV Drama

Section B: Industries





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