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Viewing entries from category: Horror

AQA GCSE Media Studies Interactive Science Fiction Films Resource »

Rob Miller | Friday August 21, 2015

Categories: GCSE, AQA GCSE, Advertising, Marketing, Film, Action Adventure, Comedy, Disaster Movies, Drama, Fantasy, Film Analysis, Film Industry, Film Language, Film Promotion, Film Trailers, Horror, Independent Film, Mise-en-scene, Science Fiction, Social Realism, Thrillers, War, Key Concepts, Audience Consumption & Platforms, Digital Graphics, Audience, Genre, Ideology, Media Language, Narrative, Production, Representation & Stereotyping, Understanding Media, Understanding Key Concepts, Understanding Key Skills, Understanding Key Topics, New Media, Convergence, Digital Media, Internet, New Technologies, Skills, Textual Analysis, Starters & Teaching Ideas, Teaching Ideas & Skills Development, Television, Storyboarding, Website Analysis, Web Pages

Horror Genre Codes & Conventions »

Rob Miller | Wednesday June 24, 2015

Categories: A Level, Eduqas (WJEC) A Level, WJEC A2, WJEC A2 Media Studies, WJEC AS, WJEC AS Media Studies, Film, Horror, Key Concepts, Genre, Legacy

Attack The Block Case Study »

nicoleponsford | Thursday May 03, 2012

Categories: A Level, OCR A Level, OCR AS, Film, Action, British Film, Comedy, Film Analysis, Horror, Science Fiction, Hot Entries

Shaun of the Dead Case Study »

nicoleponsford | Thursday November 03, 2011

Categories: A Level, Eduqas (WJEC) A Level, WJEC AS, WJEC AS Film Studies , Film, British Film, Comedy, Horror, Hot Entries

Vampires Become Human? »

Nick Lacey | Thursday July 16, 2009

Categories: Film, Horror, Key Concepts, Genre, Representation & Stereotyping, Hot Entries, Skills, Television, Television Drama