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WJEC A2 Media Studies MS4 Television Pack

Rob Miller | Tuesday January 24, 2017

Categories: A Level, Eduqas (WJEC) A Level, WJEC A2, WJEC A2 Media Studies, Television


  • The Night Manager (Ep. 2, Sunday 28th February 2016 BBC One 9pm)
  • Catchphrase (Saturday 9th July 2016 ITV1 7pm)
  • Black Mirror (Series 3, Episode 1: ‘White Christmas’, Tuesday 16th December 2014 C4 10pm)

The purpose of this pack is to provide a research platform for students and teachers of MS4. Students must choose carefully in the exam the question that best relates to the media industry and texts they have studied. Exam questions will be chosen from the following topics:

Section A

  • Genre, Narrative, Representation

Section B

  • Production and Production Values
  • Marketing and Distribution
  • Globalisation
  • Digital Technology
  • Audience Targeting and Positioning
  • Audience Responses and Appeals
  • Regulation
  • Star Marketing

The Night Manager

The Night Manager is a high production value crime drama made (produced) by Independent Production Company The Ink Factor for the BBC who part funded the project. As a six part serial it was based on a John le Carre novel and attracted significant star marketing including Tom Hiddleston as central protagonist Jonathan Pine, Olivia Coleman and Hugh Laurie. Once the project was conceived, it was pitched (with some of the stars already on board) to the BBC and American cable network AMC who provided additional funding. Each episode cost approximately £3 million making production risky, ensuring ratings and audiences: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z8Jm06Tu2Sc

Ultimately, The Night Manager regularly achieved over 8 million viewers, justifying its expense and also evidencing commercial success – the show was sold to over 180 countries and also achieved critical success, nominated for 31 awards, winning 9. David Farr wrote the screenplay from the Carre novel of the same name, ensuring that shooting would take place in a number of global locations including remote areas of the Swiss Alps, London, Devon, Morocco and Mallorca. This in itself ensured high production values, combined with...

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