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OCR J200 GCSE Media Studies Unit 3 NEA SOL Teacher

Barry Rainsford | Monday December 05, 2016

Categories: GCSE, OCR GCSE

Like the Edusites Core Units, this NEA section involves exploring:

  • The role and manipulation of media language
  • The representations in these products
  • Issues of audience
  • Institutional issues such as genre, branding, regulation
  • How the media creates or represents attitudes, behaviours and beliefs

Access to the internet is essential for using the lesson slides and meet the Assessment Objectives.

Some lessons lend themselves to being divided into more than one session. Where this is possible/desirable it is indicated in this Scheme of Learning. You will, of course, have a much greater understanding of the needs, capacities, pace of your students and make these decisions where you feel most appropriate to their needs.

Lesson 1: NEA Applying Research

Slides 1-21


  • Knowledge : To develop ideas about the NEA briefs
  • Learning : To evolve ideas of researching media by applying acquired skills
  • Understanding : To develop understanding by construction of NEA portfolio products

Starter/Loop Activity (5 minutes)

Slide 3: Task 1A Pupils asked to consider the question from the Lesson Resource: functions of DVD covers and exemplar analysis.

Prepare the Learning (5 minutes)

Share the objectives. Remind students of the objectives we are working towards meeting, and that this unit is designed to help them prepare for the two papers of the examination and their NEA. All skills and strategies are transferable. The loop activity is designed to focus knowledge and the learning on developing understanding of: Media industry practice in construction of audience.

Construct the Learning (25 minutes)

Slides 4-10: Review understanding of the NEA assessment objectives. Be clear of the implications for NEA brief tasks for 2019.

Slide 8: Take time to go over the requirements and the strategies for complying with these. Stress that the purpose in these lessons is guidance and strategies to enable them to start to apply acquired learning...

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