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OCR J200 GCSE Media Paper 2 Section A Indicative Content

Morag Larsen | Tuesday November 08, 2016

Categories: GCSE, OCR GCSE

Paper 2 Section A

Q1 – 1 mark

How does Radio 1 differ from 1xtra?

  • It can be accessed both digitally and via analogue (the historical way of listening to radio shows).

Q2 – 4 marks

Discuss the differing presentation of the following artists in their music videos:


Candidates may discuss:


  • The opening shot shows a pair of legs in high heel shoes. This has connotations of female appeal whereby the stereotypically shapely legs and smart shoes typify a feminine ideal.
  • The cut to the protagonist Mars shows him with his entourage dressed in vibrant pinks, jaunty Panama hat, headband, sunglasses and dripping in gold. The effect has multiple connotations. His clothing is cool, hip, urban and almost Jazz-era influenced.
  • The gold, worn by not only him but others, suggests a hip-hop style appreciation of ‘bling’ accoutrements and the resultant macho swagger that can sometimes be associated with that genre.
  • The gang’s bold, colourful style of clothing is suggestive of early 80s style USA Hip-Hop, RnB groups. 
  • One of the stores behind the group is selling ‘Gold’ thus reinforcing this concept.
  • There is a prevalent stereotype that suggests the gang mentality. Groups of males hanging together, expressive, laughing and joking, checking out each other’s styles/clothes, checking out the female figure on its way towards them.  While not stereotypically threatening we are able to perceive the group as close knit
  • Further analysis of the female reveals stereotypically high-end luxury as suggested by the fur coat. Combining this with the high heels suggests connotations of a sophisticated sexuality/sensuality.
  • The concept of Mulvey’s ‘male gaze’ theory should be addressed in relation the potential objectification of the female protagonist.  The gang mentality seems to be objectifying the woman and seeking her attention due to her appearance. A multiplicity of pop...

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