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OCR J200 GCSE Media Paper 1 Section B Indicative Content

Morag Larsen | Tuesday November 08, 2016

Categories: GCSE, OCR GCSE

Paper 1 Section B

Q1 – 1 mark

Identify the organisation that 'age rates' video games in the UK.

What does the PEGI system monitor?

  • PEGI monitors the suitability of video games in relation to age ranges

Q2 – 10 marks

Explain two reasons why a film company would release a video game linked to a film.

What is meant by the term synergy in relation to marketing campaigns for films? Why is it important?

Candidates responses should include:

  • For a film to be successful in terms of engaging the public, it has to be marketed and promoted effectively.
  • Even if a film is considered artistically brilliant, it is still vital that as many potential audiences as possible are sought. This has a direct correlation to a film’s likely box office success.
  • The film producers therefore must put together a campaign or strategy to create a buzz around their product.
  • Synergy in film marketing and promotion is when two or more concepts/elements combine to mutually support the whole project.
  • The impact of a synergic campaign should, realistically, create a bigger impact combined than the individual strategies individually.
  • Strategies can be presented in a number of formats: Merchandising tie-ins / Product placements etc.
  • The Lego Movie concept could thus be promoted across a range of associated products – Its own brand of toys for example. Production can be amended to support specific characters in the film/ Locations/ Plot lines etc.
  • This idea was further developed by the release of a Lego Movie video game. This additional product, while supporting the concept of the movie, acted as an extra layer of marketing.


Q3 – 10 marks

Explain how  institutions contributed to the Lego Movie’s creation.

What is the role of these institutions and how did they contribute to its development?

Were there any concerns felt by Lego regarding the production of the movie?

Candidates should explore the following:

  • Lego is a globally popular...

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