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OCR H409 A Level Media Paper 2 Mark Scheme & Indicative Content

Morag Larsen | Monday November 07, 2016

Categories: A Level, OCR A Level

H409 Paper 02 Evolving Media

Sample Mark Scheme with Indicative Content

Duration: 2 hours

Maximum Mark: 70

For answers marked by levels of response:

  1. To determine the level – start at the highest level and work down until you reach the level that matches the answer
  2. To determine the mark within the level, consider the following:

Subject–Specific Marking Instructions:

  • Levels of Response targeting AO1 and AO2
  • Where a mark scheme targets marks at AO1 and AO2, there is no requirement for a response to be awarded in the same level for AO1 as for AO2, so for example a response could be awarded Level 3 for AO1 and Level

NB – This document (especially the section on Long Form TV Drama) should be read and used in conjunction with OCR’s published mark scheme for the Specimen Assessment Materials.

Question 1

Explain how media producers target and attract audiences. Refer to Minecraft to support your answer.

Assessment Objectives

AO1: 1a 1b – Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the theoretical framework of media.

AO1: 2a 2b – Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of contexts of media and their influence on media products and processes.

AO1 Total: 15 marks.

Question 1 Indicative Content

The content below is not prescriptive and all valid points should be credited. It is not expected that responses will include all of the points listed.


  • Responses may refer to the activities of marketing and publicity that Microsoft engages in to recruit and retain players – where this si so, it is reasonable to expect that candidates will discuss elements of specific marketing and / or publicity materials
  • Explanation of who / what the target audience(s) are for the game – expressed either in demographic or psychographic terms (or possibly both).  Young and Rubicam’s model of audience segmentation and the JICNARS scale are quite likely to feature as ways to illustrate audience segmentation
  • Exploration of the contents of...

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