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OCR GCSE Media Studies Lifestyle Magazines Teaching Guide

Barry Rainsford | Thursday February 09, 2017

Categories: GCSE, OCR GCSE, Magazines, Teenage & Lifestyle Magazines

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The purpose of this unit is not to tell anyone ‘what you must do’ or ‘this is the way that you must do it’. The work here is based on over twenty years of teaching Media Studies at A Level and KS4 in a very large [2,500 pupils] urban comprehensive in what was once described as one of the most deprived areas in the UK. It is based both on my own teaching and in leading non-specialist staff, usually fresh from their teaching courses, with no Media Studies background.

Teaching This Unit

This resource pack contains everything necessary to teach 20 sessions that will prepare your students to respond to the OCR examination. Depending on your own levels of experience, expertise, confidence in both your teaching or in teaching this specification, you may follow the sessions line by line or adapt the material to suit your needs and those of your students.

For each session, I have used examples from print products that were readily available during the writing of thus unit in November 2016. For the most part, they are from magazines that can be classed as ‘Lifestyle’. The examples are there because of my own frustrations in finding text books or ideas where there was no example given, or the example referred to could not be found. The best way, of course, is for you to take the session and substitute your own Loop activities, favourite/well-tried covers/pages etc. that are suited to your teaching of this in April of 2017, by when there may be far better examples of the points I am making. I would certainly be doing so with my own teaching groups.

For those of you who are new to Media teaching, then this Teacher Guide - alongside the...

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