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New Spec GCSE Media Studies

Richard Gent | Tuesday January 02, 2018

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Each term we provide a Core Unit, based on the Department for Education Media Studies GCSE subject content. (February 2016)

The four areas of this theoretical framework, are:

  • Media Language: how the media through their forms, codes and conventions communicate meanings
  • Representation: how the media portray events, issues, individuals and social groups
  • Media Industries: how the media industries’ processes of production, distribution and circulation affect media forms and platforms
  • Audiences: how media forms target, reach and address audiences, how audiences interpret and respond to them, and how members of audiences become producers themselves

Below are links to all of the elements you will need for the current terms. Please read the notes on copyright carefully.


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  • For each term you have three elements; A Core Unit, An Exam Board Specific Close Study Product (CSP)/Set Study Product (SSP) Unit and the Exam Board Specific NEA Unit. All 6 Units then have three different elements, A teacher’s guide named here as the Teacher SOL, Workbook Student, Online Slides and Appendix Images.
  • The Student section is to be cut and pasted from the online page into a booklet and printed for the students to work from. Here is an example of one I made earlier
  • Images for the workbook will also need to be available for your students.
  • The Teacher SOL is a suggested lesson by lesson scheme, this can be cut and pasted into your institution format
  • Online slides drive the core learning of these units and are designed to be projected for the whole class to see.

See our page ‘How to create the Perfect Student Workbook’.

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