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Media Studies Music Video Portfolio Brief

Rob Miller | Monday November 18, 2019

Categories: Film, Film Industry, Film Magazines, Film Promotion, Film Studies, Hot Entries, Other Topics, Blogs, Production Zone, Video Production

Associated Resources

  • Call Sheet Template.xls

A promotion package for the release of an album, to include a music promo video, a website homepage for the band and a magazine advert for a digipak.

  • Planning and Research Portfolio (20 marks)
  • Production Portfolio – 2 x Ancillary (10 marks each) and Main Task (40 marks)
  • Evaluation (20 marks)

Main Task = Film and edit music video for a new band the Brocas
Ancillary Task 1 = Design a website homepage promoting the Brocas
Ancillary Task 2 = Design a magazine advert promoting the Brocas

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For Music Video production, permission needs to be sought from the artist for the use of the audio track. For the purposes of this brief, The Brocas are a local band who will provide their permission for material to be used – typically, this is often the best option for students at A2 who often know, or have friends who are in local bands. Other approaches could be to use unsigned bands whose material is on YouTube or collaborate with music or drama departments in school/college by way of creating your own music track or. Filming drama students appearing in the music video (see below exemplar G325 Main Task using a Chris Brown song) could also be an option.

General Information: G324

G324 is a coursework module that suggests the student will be able to evidence ‘distance travelled’ in terms of skills development from G321, Foundation Portfolio in Media. The work completed in both G321 and G324 will be evaluated in Section A of the G325 Critical Perspectives in Media exam, Theoretical Evaluation of Production making the projects wholly integrated in terms of internal and external assessment in understanding the concepts of media theory into industry practice.

Two or more media must be evidenced in the portfolio and this brief combines music (video) and print (digital). Production work may be in the same medium as AS work as the Ancillary Tasks will ensure a different...

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