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Internet Safety Animation by Newman School

Jack Todhunter | Monday February 21, 2011

Categories: Advertising, More on Advertising, Key Concepts, Introductory Resources, Understanding Media, Production Zone, Skills, Staffroom, Equipment

This video was created using a combo of three programs. First, a cheap Mac program called Noodle Flix. This allows green screen and allows you to animate half a dozen digital heads, male and female.

Second a “cloud” program called Xtranormal which used to be free but they now charge for downloads. This gives you camera moves like a studio and third a PC program called Crazytalk which is very versatile. You can animate eyes and mouths on objects but it is meant for faces. A bit of experimentation here!

We united them all in iMovie and used a Canopus device (e.g. ADVC55) to import some snazzy images off the telly to post on the green screen backing and make joining shots (projector and /). We farmed the project out to three groups of students and Bob’s your uncle.

More generally the Canopus devices are excellent as they allow you to manipulate content for different purposes and contexts. Tasks can involve something as simple as providing new voice-overs or subtitles. If you are more enterprising, you can get students to mix real and acquired footage.

The Idea

You start with an Egyptian advert and an Army advert.

For the former, collate LOTS of pyramid and ancient Egypt footage with Canopus for the classes to arrange into a novel ad promo. E.g. what DID the archaeologist find at the bottom of that hole?  (most featured an iPod!)

For the army ad, remove the visuals but retain the genuine army recruitment voiceover and give classes video footage from say Saving Private Ryan, The Promise and Hurt Locker et al to allow them to place “real” violent action in place of the twee stuff that is the norm on army ads. Results can be quite phenomenal.

The End Product

Fox Egypt Advert

Sam P Egypt Advert

A few sketches animated with CrazyTalk