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Eduqas WJEC 603 A Level Media Unit 10 Set Study Products

Barry Rainsford | Tuesday January 08, 2019

Categories: A Level, Eduqas (WJEC) A Level

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  • Eduqas WJEC 603 A Level Media Studies Unit 10 Core: Media Industry

Content Overview:

  • Paper/Component 2: Media Forms and Products In-Depth
  • Section C: Media in the Online Age

Set Product Focus Option 2: Zoella and Attitude

Files you will need for the lessons

  • Eduqas WJEC 603 A Level Media Unit 10 SSP SOL Teacher

These slides are accessible to view with a live wifi connection using Safari, Firefox or Internet Explorer

Click here for Complete Set of 16 Lessons 179 Slides


  • Lesson 1: Section C Media in the Online Age
  • Lesson 2: Rise of the Vlogger
  • Lesson 3: Vlogging Genre
  • Lesson 4: Vlogging Analysis
  • Lesson 5: Vlogging - Media Language - Zoella
  • Lesson 6: Vlogging - Representations - Zoella
  • Lesson 7: Influencers - Meaning/Response
  • Lesson 8: Audience - Zoella
  • Lesson 9: Influencers
  • Lesson 10: Guidance on Online Site Analysis - Attitude
  • Lesson 11: Mode of Address
  • Lesson 12: Developing Responses (for all products)
  • Lesson 13: Ideologies - Online Products
  • Lesson 14: Adverts - Cultural Influence
  • Lesson 15: Cultural Contexts
  • Lesson 16: Audience Issues

Files you will need to print for the lessons

  • Eduqas WJEC 603 A level Media Unit 10 SSP Student Workbook and Images PDF

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