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Eduqas (WJEC) 603 A Level Media Paper 1 Indicative Content

Morag Larsen | Tuesday November 08, 2016

Categories: A Level, Eduqas (WJEC) A Level

Eduqas (WJEC) 603 A Level Media Mock Exam Paper Component 1

Section A (Media Language and Representation)

2 hours 15 mins

Both sections are worth 45 marks each.

Question 1

Compare how gender is represented in the Tesco advertisement and the Tide print advertisement you have studied.

In your answer you must:

  • Discuss the similarities and differences between the two texts in terms of gender representation
  • Consider how different audiences might respond to these representations
  • Make judgements and draw conclusions about how far the representations relate to relevant media contexts. [30]

Candidates must produce an extended response for this question and to achieve the highest marks, they must demonstrate a fully developed line of reasoning well supported by detailed examples in a logical way. 

All three bullet points in the question must be addressed, although there is no set expectation for them to each be covered equally. A ‘best fit’ approach should be adopted where candidates have not covered all three bullet points

It is expected that all responses should compare the Tesco television advertisement with the Tide print advertisement. Higher mark answers will engage in a more in depth discussion of representation and draw on references to social and cultural context and relevant theories of representation or other theoretical approaches from the framework. These responses will be balanced in terms of addressing the four bullet points. Middle band responses will focus on more straightforward or obvious aspects of representation whilst lower band answers will be limited to explanation, be largely descriptive and there may be significant inconsistency or imbalance in how the three bullet points are addressed.

The content below is not prescriptive and all valid points should be credited. It is not expected that responses will include all of the points listed.


Both texts situate the female in the domestic sphere...

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