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AQA 8572 GCSE Media Paper 1 Section A Indicative Content

Morag Larsen | Sunday November 06, 2016

Categories: GCSE, AQA GCSE

PAPER 1 Section A

Q1 – 1 mark

What is the name given to a graphic on the front of a magazine cover that offers something to draw in a potential audience member?

  • Masthead
  • Sub-heading
  • Lure
  • Tagline

Q2 – 12 marks

Analyse the cover of Women’s Running magazine to show how different elements connotes meaning.

Curvy Girls Run Too: Women's Running Magazine Cover Explodes Stereotypes - Again

Candidates could explore a number of magazine features in order to gain marks.

The overall feel of the magazine over is very positive and encouraging.

There is a feeling that the magazine contains lots of different features and elements so will be good value for money.

There are plenty of positive connotations from the language on the cover.  ‘You can..Strong…Better…Best…Positive…Faster…Self-Love….This good…’  The inference is that the magazine is packed with developmental and supportive ideas.  There is a clear feel-good factor built into the product.

The many different possible elements also suggest that there will be some features or stories that will have the potential to appeal to varying audience members. ‘For walkers…and runners…’represents the variety of appeal.

The masthead is partially obscured by the main image.  This could be construed as showing a sense of brand confidence.  The reputation and concept of ‘Women’s Running’ is well established enough not to have to fully reveal the title. 

The Banner/Slogan at the top of the page is clear, simple and direct.  It one of a number of uses of imperative language.  ‘Eat Clean, Feel Better’ suggests a direct correlation between an action and a result and thus acts to inspire and encourage the reader. 

The language is also very straightforward and easy to understand.  There are no ambiguities.

A variety of fonts are used to break up the overall image and engage with the audience.  Compare the simple, informative style of the numerous direct sub-headings on the left side of the page...

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