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Authenticity in TV Documentaries »

Jeremy Orlebar | Monday November 12, 2012

Categories: Key Concepts, Audience, Genre, Ideology, Institutions, Media Language, Representation & Stereotyping, Hot Entries, Television, Reality TV, Television Documentary

A recent (Oct 2012) TV documentary has shocked Britain. ITV’s Exposure on Jimmy Savile alleged that a formerly well loved DJ and charity worker was a paedophile. This has led to a police investigation, and the BBC and the government setting up independent inquiries with hundreds of people coming forward as witnesses.

This has been a most unusual reaction to a TV documentary, but it reinforces the power and relevance that well researched and produced television documentaries...

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Ideas for Teaching Documentary »

Jeremy Orlebar | Wednesday October 06, 2010

Categories: Film, Documentaries, Television, Television Documentary

By Tina Dixon & Jeremy Orlebar

Week 1 Overview

Video of various extracts of documentaries shown in class using a glossary of documentary definitions and a worksheet identifying codes and conventions of documentary.

OHP used on various hybrids of documentary that students copy.

World at War Episode 15 looked at and a worksheet filled in to highlight key codes and conventions. This series was made on film.


Students are to watch a documentary of their own choice...

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Television Documentary »

Richard Gent | Wednesday October 06, 2010

Categories: Film, Documentaries, Documentaries Links, Television, Television Documentary

An Introduction to Documentary

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Ideas for Teaching Documentary

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