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Understanding Soaps »

Jeremy Orlebar | Thursday September 24, 2009

Categories: Television, Soaps, Understanding Media, Understanding Key Topics

What is a Soap Opera?

A soap opera is an ongoing, open ended, multi-strand, fictionalised, drama serial on radio or television. It can be broadcast daily or twice or more weekly.

The main quality that defines a soap is that it is a serial. A serial narrative is a story told through a series of separate, but linked episodes. British soaps expect to continue broadcasting for the foreseeable future and so have no end as such. Occasionally soaps stop performing well enough for...

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Soaps Worldwide »

Richard Gent | Wednesday May 16, 2012

Categories: Advertising, More on Advertising, Television, Soaps

BBC World Service article on How Soaps Changed The World by Stephanie Hegarty.

Soaps Quiz »

Phoebe Prentice-Terry | Tuesday August 25, 2009

Categories: Other Topics, Quizzes, Media Studies Quizzes, Skills, Television, Soaps

These quizzes are best viewed in Firefox.

Firefox is an excellent alternative to Internet Explorer which is available free for both PCs and Macs.

Soaps Downloads »

Richard Gent | Tuesday August 18, 2009

Categories: Other Topics, Television, Soaps

Soaps | Essay Plan.doc

Soaps | Genre Cut Outs.doc

Soaps | Intro.ppt

Soaps | Medium Term Plan.doc

Soaps | Practical.doc

Soaps |

Soaps | Scheme Week Five.doc

Soaps | Scheme Week Four.doc

Soaps | Scheme Week Three.doc

Soaps | Scheme Week Three.doc

Soaps | Scheme Week Two.doc

Soaps | Shots in Hollyoaks.doc

Soaps | Title Sequences.doc

Soaps | Titles Times.doc

Soaps | Wordsearch.doc


Understanding Soap Operas in Year 8 »

Carl Beck | Tuesday June 02, 2009

Categories: KS3, Year 8, Television, Soaps, Understanding Media, Understanding Key Topics

In Term 1 of Year 8, we introduce the students to Soap Operas and the students are required to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding by creating their own soap.

This unit includes producing their own theme tune for the opening sequence in Garage Band; creating a moving image opening sequence to accompany the theme tune using iMovie (this is done using a still image bank created before the start of the unit by the class teacher).

This image bank is easy to create, it...

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