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New Spec GCSE Media Studies »

Richard Gent | Thursday March 01, 2018

Categories: GCSE, AQA GCSE, OCR GCSE, WJEC GCSE, Collective Identity, Representation of Age, Representation of Sexuality, Representation of Women, Representation of Youth, Key Concepts, Introductory Resources, Intro to Media Representations, Representation & Stereotyping, Magazines, Music, New Media, News, New Spec, Print, Television, Theory, Feminist Theory, Gender Theory, Genre Theory , Media Theorists, Queer Theory, Representation Theory

Each term we provide a Core Unit, based on the Department for Education Media Studies GCSE subject content. (February 2016)

The four areas of this theoretical framework, are:

  • Media Language: how the media through their forms, codes and conventions communicate meanings
  • Representation: how the media portray events, issues, individuals and social groups
  • Media Industries: how the media industries’ processes of production, distribution and circulation affect media forms and...
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Representation of Sexuality in Film »

Rob Miller | Monday October 27, 2014

Categories: A Level, AQA A Level, AQA A2, OCR A Level, OCR A2, Collective Identity, Representation of Sexuality, Film, Film Analysis, Key Concepts, Audience, Genre, Ideology, Representation & Stereotyping, Hot Entries, Theory, Queer Theory

This resource focuses on representation of sexuality in contemporary film, both English language and non-English language cinema using three 2014 LFF (London Film Festival) screenings as source material – Love is Strange, an English language French-American drama, A Girl at my Door, a South Korean drama and also The New Girlfriend, a French drama. It is worth acknowledging the increasing presence of more ‘mainstream’ films like Brokeback Mountain (2005), Black Swan...

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