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Rod Munday | Tuesday May 05, 2009

Categories: Other Topics, Skills, Referencing, Social Networking, References

Adams, A.A. & McCrindle, R.J. (2008). Pandora’s box: social and professional issues of the information age. Chichester: John Wiley.

Acquisti, A., & Gross, R. (2006). ‘Imagined communities: Awareness, information sharing, and privacy on the Facebook.’ In P. Golle & G. Danezis (Eds.), Proceedings of 6th Workshop on Privacy Enhancing Technologies (pp. 36-58). Cambridge, UK: Robinson College.

Anderson, B. (2006). Imagined Communities. Revised Edition. London: Verso.


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Richard Gent | Friday May 29, 2009

Categories: Other Topics, Social Networking, Defining Social Networks, Offline Social Networks, Community, History of the Internet, Politics and Social Networking, Mobile Phones, Public Vs Privacy, Child Safety, Making Money, Communications, References, Digital Media, New Technologies

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