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Approaches to Teaching New Spec A Level Media Studies with Edusites »

Barry Rainsford | Thursday March 15, 2018

Categories: A Level, AQA A Level, OCR A Level, WJEC A Level, Advertising, Key Concepts, Introductory Resources, Intro to Media Audiences, Intro to Media Institutions, Intro to Media Languages, Intro to Media Representations, Genre, Ideology, Narrative, Production, Regulation, Representation & Stereotyping, Typeface & Typography, Understanding Media, Magazines, Music, Music Video, New Media, Internet, Social Networking, News, New Spec, Radio, Television, Theory, Audience Theory, Feminist Theory, Gender Theory, Genre Theory , Media Theorists, Queer Theory, Representation Theory, Semiotic Theory

Commencing 2017 for 2019 Assessment

Each term we provide a Core Unit, with an Exam Specific Section (Close or Set Study Products), and a Non Examined Assessment (NEA) Section based on the Department for Education Media Studies A Level subject content.

Our A Level Units begin at Unit 7 so that there is clear progression if an institution also uses our GCSE Media Studies Units 1-6.(February 2016)

The four areas of this theoretical framework, are:

  • Media Language: how the...
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OCR A2 Media Studies G324 Advanced Portfolio in Media Brief 10: Short Film »

Rob Miller | Monday October 17, 2016

Categories: A Level, OCR A Level, OCR A2, Film, Short Film, Key Concepts, Production, Production Zone, Video Production

A short film in its entirety, lasting approximately five minutes, which may be live action or animated or a combination of both, together with two of the following three options:

  • Poster for the film
  • Film magazine review page featuring the film
  • Radio trailer for the film

For this particular brief, it is important to remember that a Short Film is indeed a complete piece and differs in approach from an opening sequence or a trailer. Narrative needs to be fully realised at the...

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Cameras and Sound »

Richard Gent | Friday June 24, 2016

Categories: Community Q&A, Hardware, Key Concepts, Production, Production Zone, Video Production, Teacher Zone, Admin, iTraining, Procurement, Staffroom, Equipment

We’re offering the new Digital Media Technicals from September. Can anyone recommend any decent cameras that have a microphone jack? I would like to buy the microphone separately to ensure sound quality. Not being a hardware specialist, I am struggling with where to start. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks Hannah.

You will need to use DSLRs. I looked around at this for a while and that is the only really viable option. I would get a Canon D550/D600 (D600 has movable...

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AQA GCSE Media Studies Interactive Science Fiction Films Resource »

Rob Miller | Friday August 21, 2015

Categories: GCSE, AQA GCSE, Advertising, Marketing, Film, Action Adventure, Comedy, Disaster Movies, Drama, Fantasy, Film Analysis, Film Industry, Film Language, Film Promotion, Film Trailers, Horror, Independent Film, Mise-en-scene, Science Fiction, Social Realism, Thrillers, War, Key Concepts, Audience Consumption & Platforms, Digital Graphics, Audience, Genre, Ideology, Media Language, Narrative, Production, Representation & Stereotyping, Understanding Media, Understanding Key Concepts, Understanding Key Skills, Understanding Key Topics, New Media, Convergence, Digital Media, Internet, New Technologies, Skills, Textual Analysis, Starters & Teaching Ideas, Teaching Ideas & Skills Development, Television, Storyboarding, Website Analysis, Web Pages

Milan, Italy - January 26 2013: People of 501st Legion official costuming organisation take part in the Star Wars Parade wearing perfectly accurate costumes.

Welcome to this interactive resource on Science Fiction films, your Unit 1 examined topic that focuses on all areas of exam questioning. Use in conjunction with the Edusites Media Specimen Exam and Preliminary Material.

Have a look at some Science Fiction events around the country. Comic Cons have a reputation for...

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CCEA GCE Moving Image Arts AS1 Creative Production Foundation Portfolio »

Rob Miller | Wednesday August 19, 2015

Categories: A Level, CCEA A Level, CCEA AS, Film, Film Language, Key Concepts, Genre, Media Language, Narrative, Production, Regulation, Production Zone, Audio Production, Digital Photography, Video Production, Skills, Video Camera Skills

Welcome to the coursework unit of the CCEA Moving Image Arts AS qualification. You will be producing a complete mainstream genre narrative fiction film based on an initial idea or theme of your own.

There are four clear areas of assessment:

  1. Statement of Intentions (30 marks)
  2. Pre-Production (15 marks)
  3. Pre-Production Exercise (15 marks)
  4. Final Product (120 marks)
  5. Evaluation (30 marks)

Study the following screenshots and identify what themes are being represented - choosing a...

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CCEA GCSE Moving Image Arts Component 1: Creative & Technical Moving Image Production »

Rob Miller | Thursday August 06, 2015

Categories: GCSE, CCEA GCSE, CCEA GCSE Moving Image Arts, Film, Film Analysis, Film Industry, Film Language, Film Promotion, Film Storyboarding, Film Trailers, Hollywood, Mise-en-scene, Key Concepts, Genre, Media Language, Narrative, Production, Representation & Stereotyping, Hot Entries, Production Zone, Audio Production, Video Production, Skills, Script Writing, Video Camera Skills

Welcome to the external assessment (exam) component of the CCEA Moving Image Arts GCSE qualification - it is worth 40% of the overall GCSE and comprises a 1.5 hour online exam. In the exam students respond to a range of stimulus material including unseen live action and animated film clips, sound clips, film stills and script extracts - we will give you clear guidance below.

This is an applied course where you will develop knowledge, understanding and skills but also...

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NCFE Level 2 Unit 1: Originate Ideas in Response to an Interactive Media Design Brief »

Rob Miller | Monday August 03, 2015

Categories: Certificates, NCFE Certificates, NCFE Level 2, Advertising, Key Concepts, Audience Consumption & Platforms, Digital Graphics, Media Language, Production, Hot Entries, New Media, Digital Media, Internet, Social Networking, Production Zone, New Media Production, Web Production, Skills, Graphic Design, Software, Web Design


Welcome to the NCFE Level 2 Certificate in Creative Studies. You will be learning about and how to use a range of software and hardware in media sectors for jobs ranging from Games Designer, Audio Engineer and Web Editor to Production Assistant, Animator or even Production Manager.

In the 21st century with digital media moving so quickly it’s important to be multi-skilled. A thorough knowledge of hardware and software is essential across different platforms in...

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WJEC AS Media Studies MS2 Media Production Processes: Film Genres »

Rob Miller | Thursday July 30, 2015

Categories: A Level, WJEC A Level, WJEC AS, WJEC AS Media Studies, Film, Codes & Conventions, Film Analysis, Film Storyboarding, Science Fiction, Key Concepts, Genre, Media Language, Narrative, Production, Representation & Stereotyping, Hot Entries, Skills, Software, Textual Analysis, Video Camera Skills

Associated Resources

  • Storyboard Frame Sheet template.pdf

Brief - Film Genres

  • A Pre Production Research and 36 shot Science Fiction Planning Storyboard - students can choose their own film genre (20 Marks)
  • A Film Production - Filming and Editing an original short Science Fiction Film up to 3 minutes in length - students can choose their own film genre but it must link directly to the pre production storyboard (40 Marks)
  • A Report - A report between 1200-1600 words reflecting...
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BTEC Level 2 Unit 4: Digital Audio Production »

Rob Miller | Sunday July 26, 2015

Categories: Nationals, BTEC Nationals, BTEC Nationals Level 2, Level 2 Creative Media Production, Key Concepts, Production, Hot Entries, Production Zone, Audio Production


Sound/audio is really, really exciting - and interesting!

A lot of students who develop practical work for media courses forget about sound - poor pick up, unwanted background noise, alternating sound levels (when you don’t want there to be). Now is your chance to show them how.

Music is important across all media sectors from radio drama, soundtracks for film and televison, sound for a computer game, web site effects to obviously music production.


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WJEC Level 1/2 Creative & Media Unit 2: Creating an Outcome in Response to a Brief »

Rob Miller | Thursday July 16, 2015

Categories: Certificates, WJEC Certificates, Key Concepts, Digital Graphics, Distribution, Media Language, Production, Hot Entries, Other Topics, Blogs, Posters, Print, Print Advertising, Production Zone, New Media Production, Skills, Key Tutorials, Mind Mapping, Mood Board, Script Writing, Software, Visualisation Diagrams


Welcome to the second Creative and Media unit (Unit 1 is an exam you take in March based on a Brief sent to your school/college in December).

This vocational course is designed for applied, creative learners who like to learn by doing – in this unit we are developing materials in response to a Brief (an outcome).

Some brilliant work has been developed in response to commissions and briefs in the creative and media sectors – this is your chance! See Brief...

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Cambridge Nationals Level 1/2 Unit R081: Pre-Production Skills »

Rob Miller | Wednesday July 15, 2015

Categories: Nationals, Cambridge Nationals, Cambridge Nationals Level 1/2, Level 1/2 Creative iMedia, Award J807, Certificate J817, Diploma J827, Key Concepts, Audience, Media Language, Narrative, Production, Understanding Media, Understanding Key Skills, Production Zone, Video Production


Welcome to the Cambridge Nationals Creative iMedia course – they are designed for 14-16 year olds to give you experience of what it is like to work in media industry sectors such as:

  • Website Design and Development
  • Television
  • Graphic Design
  • Digital Filmmaking including Animation
  • Video Games
  • Radio

This unit focuses on pre-production which is directly linked to production and post-production.

Film Example: Diagram of Filmmaking Steps

This unit has a written...

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AQA GCSE Media Studies Science Fiction Films Workshop »

Rob Miller | Friday July 10, 2015

Categories: GCSE, AQA GCSE, Consultancy and Workshops, Edusites Media Student & Teacher Workshops, Film, Science Fiction, Key Concepts, Audience Consumption & Platforms, Distribution, Exhibition, Genre, Media Language, Narrative, Production, Regulation, Representation & Stereotyping, Understanding Media, Understanding Key Topics, Skills, Textual Analysis, Theory, Genre Theory

Book A Half or Full Day Workshop in Your School

Programme Details

  • Edusites Media provides visually dynamic, interactive Starter, Booster and Revision Courses on TV Science Fiction Films dedicated to, and focusing on specification requirements.
  • Students will analyse Science Fiction Films, both mainstream and independent linking with notions of genre hybridisation and institution.
  • Activities will include how to respond to a pitch e.g. marketing a new Science Fiction Film while...
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