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Richard Gent | Friday May 29, 2009

Categories: Other Topics, Social Networking, Defining Social Networks, Offline Social Networks, Community, History of the Internet, Politics and Social Networking, Mobile Phones, Public Vs Privacy, Child Safety, Making Money, Communications, References, Digital Media, New Technologies

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Politics and Social Networking »

Rod Munday | Tuesday May 05, 2009

Categories: Other Topics, Social Networking, Politics and Social Networking

Social networking sites are one of a number of peer-to-peer technologies increasingly being used to inform and shape public opinion. Winograd & Hais  predict that the ability of voters to create as well as consuming content without filtering by experts will soon become the way people prefer to get all of their information (2008, 2).

The presidential campaign of 2006-2008 in the US was the first real test of the willingness of candidates to embrace social networking...

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