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NCFE Level 1 Unit 4: Assemble Interactive Media Product to Produce Final Work »

Rob Miller | Monday March 14, 2016

Categories: Certificates, NCFE Certificates, NCFE Level 1, Hot Entries, Skills, Web Design

Unit 04: Assemble Interactive Media Products to Produce Final Work (Website Design)

You will be developing a portfolio of work for a number of set tasks in response to a main Design Brief set by your tutor. This sample Design Brief asks you to assemble interactive media products to produce a Website Homepage for a new fashion magazine targeting 16-25 year olds, How’s That? This will link with your work for Unit 1.

You will:

  1. Plan and Prepare for the production of the...
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NCFE Level 1 Unit 1: Explore Interactive Media Products and Processes »

Rob Miller | Sunday August 02, 2015

Categories: Certificates, NCFE Certificates, NCFE Level 1, Key Concepts, Audience Consumption & Platforms, Digital Graphics, Institutions, Copyright, Hot Entries, Magazines, Magazine Design, Online Magazines, New Media, Digital Media, Skills, Graphic Design, Software, InDesign, Photoshop

Associated Resources

  • Magazine Cover Layout Plan.pdf
  • Music Magazine Flat Plan.pdf


Welcome to the NCFE Level 1 Certificate in Interactive Media - to achieve this unit you will be developing a portfolio of work that includes 3 products, in response to a set Brief. The three pieces of work are:

  1. An Annotated (labelled) Research File - collecting evidence against a checklist - see below.
  2. Using PowerPoint or Prezi to make a short presentation, explaining the software...
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