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Richard Gent | Monday May 11, 2009

Categories: GCSE, Key Concepts, Institutions, Music, British Pop Music, Music Video, Other Topics, Production Zone, Audio Production, Music Press, Music Press History, Music Press Institution, Music Press Language, Music Press Links One, Pop Music on TV

EMI Group EMI is the world’s largest independent music company.








 Free access to a range of music on the Internet

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Jeremy Orlebar | Friday May 08, 2009

Categories: GCSE, Music, Other Topics, Music Press, Music Press History

Observations from AQA course on

The Music Press


1. Start at 1950’s

2. Include punk era of the 1970’s

3. Present day including web development

4. Don’t focus on facts, but generic developments, similarities and differences in content

5. Students could carry out a qualitative survey on audience likes, uses and gratifications

6. Focus on age, gender and ‘race’ to investigate consumption

‘The Music Press – A Brief History’

by Keith Langton

Melody Maker...

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