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MS4 Music Pack: Beyonce, One Direction and Green Day »

Rob Miller | Friday September 26, 2014

Categories: A Level, Eduqas (WJEC) A Level, WJEC A2, WJEC A2 Media Studies, Hot Entries, Music, British Pop Music, Fan Websites, Music Distribution, Music Industry, Music Promotion, The Press, New Media, Convergence, Internet, Social Networking, Synergy, Theory, Misc Theory

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The purpose of this pack is to provide a research platform for students and teachers of MS4 by exploring key potential exam areas of questioning – a useful balance of Music Artists includes a global performer (Beyonce), a British/Irish artist (One Direction) and a more independent case study or at least, reflecting more an indie genre (Green Day).

When studying or teaching MS4, a balance of artists and genres allows for comparative textual study...

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Music Video & Media Theory »

Stephen Hill | Sunday September 20, 2009

Categories: Key Concepts, Music, Music Video, Theory, Misc Theory

Fig 12: The democratisation of creative technology: reinstating key conventions of moving image and sound.

The music video is a classic example of a media industry that flourished on the back of technological advance.

The proliferation of home VCR and satellite technology created a fertile environment in which the new medium flourished, eating up the spare capacity in the schedules. Indeed, when MTV was launched in 1981 it only had access to a couple of hundred videos; by...

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Advertising & Media Theory »

Stephen Hill | Monday July 13, 2009

Categories: Advertising, More on Advertising, Key Concepts, Theory, Misc Theory

Fig 15: The changing face of Vauxhall’s advertising: the Viva estate in bucolic surroundings (circa 1972) and the VXR Astra’s brand synergised FHM Sport’s Driver of the Year Campaign.


This dialogic approach to the production of media texts has also informed contemporary ideas about advertising. The traditional view of the adverts as a paid one-way communication, in which the sponsor controls the message, has been replaced by texts that invite the audience...

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Media Studies Theory Links »

Richard Gent | Friday May 29, 2009

Categories: Key Concepts, Other Topics, Theory, Misc Theory

Media and Cultural Theory Guidebook by Stephen Hill and B. Fenner on Audience Theory

Popcultures on Theorists David Gauntlett’s ingenious and imaginative approach to social theory and popular culture. David Gauntlett’s guide to Media Studies

Wikipedia on Film Theory