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Richard Gent | Tuesday June 30, 2009

Categories: Skills, Key Tutorials

Not all of these guides have been completed but we’re on the case! If we can’t find an existing and freely available video tutorial on the web for you to use, we’ll produce one ourselves.

Audio Editing Tutorials

Audacity Tutorials

Image Analysis Tutorials

Analysing Images on Mediaedu

BBC Training Tutorials

BBC Training & Development - Free Online Courses

Digital Cameras & Photography Tutorials

An Introduction to Digital Cameras & Photography by Paul Bradforth on Mediaedu

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WJEC Level 1/2 Creative & Media Unit 2: Creating an Outcome in Response to a Brief »

Rob Miller | Thursday July 16, 2015

Categories: Certificates, WJEC Certificates, Key Concepts, Digital Graphics, Distribution, Media Language, Production, Hot Entries, Other Topics, Blogs, Posters, Print, Print Advertising, Production Zone, New Media Production, Skills, Key Tutorials, Mind Mapping, Mood Board, Script Writing, Software, Visualisation Diagrams


Welcome to the second Creative and Media unit (Unit 1 is an exam you take in March based on a Brief sent to your school/college in December).

This vocational course is designed for applied, creative learners who like to learn by doing – in this unit we are developing materials in response to a Brief (an outcome).

Some brilliant work has been developed in response to commissions and briefs in the creative and media sectors – this is your chance! See Brief...

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Cambridge Nationals Level 1/2 Unit R082: Creating Digital Graphics »

Rob Miller | Wednesday July 08, 2015

Categories: Nationals, Cambridge Nationals, Cambridge Nationals Level 1/2, Level 1/2 Creative iMedia, Award J807, Certificate J817, Advertising, Marketing, Key Concepts, Digital Graphics, Hot Entries, Posters, Skills, Key Tutorials, Software, Photoshop


Welcome to the Cambridge Nationals Creative iMedia course – they are designed for 14-16 year olds to give you experience of what it is like to work in media industry sectors like Graphic Design.

This unit is based on a brief and asks you to create a “digital graphic that will be used to promote a film festival” – this means you will be designing an A3 Portrait Film Poster like the ones below that can also be uploaded to a website!

Portrait Examples


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DVD & Book Store »

Morag Larsen | Friday June 19, 2015

Categories: KS3, GCSE, A Level, Film, Hot Entries, Production Zone, Video Production, Skills, Key Tutorials, Video Camera Skills, Starters & Teaching Ideas

Introducing our DVD & Book Resources for Film & Media

Editsense & Filmsense £69.00+VAT (30% off)


‘Editsense is a new approach to learning about film language and film-making’.

This is an interactive DVD with excellent, practical examples of film - perfect for teachers of moving image, be it English, Creative and Digital Media or Film Studies.

It has over fifty video examples and includes materials for the introduction and revision of film. There are no audio clips.


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Media Studies Tutorial Links »

Richard Gent | Friday May 29, 2009

Categories: Production Zone, Audio Production, Digital Photography, Print Production, Video Production, Web Production, Skills, Key Tutorials, Software

Retouching Photoshop Tutorial on Basic Model Retouching An excellent source of advice for those wishing to brush up on their computing skills.

Audio Editing Links »

Richard Gent | Friday May 29, 2009

Categories: Other Topics, Production Zone, Audio Production, Radio, Skills, Key Tutorials, Software

Audacity An excellent and free audio editor and recorder.

Apple Logic Express

Adobe Audition

Sony Acid Pro