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Teaching Television Text & Industry Case Study »

Rob Miller | Thursday June 21, 2012

Categories: A Level, Eduqas (WJEC) A Level, WJEC A2, WJEC A2 Media Studies, Advertising, Intro to Advertising, Marketing, More on Advertising, Viral Advertising, Key Concepts, Audience, Genre, Institutions, Intro to Institutions, Censorship & Regulation, Copyright, Ownership, Narrative, Representation & Stereotyping, Hot Entries, New Media, Convergence, Digital Media, Globalisation, Integration, Internet, New Technologies, Postmodernism, Synergy, Television, Intro to Television, Television Industry, Staffroom, Exemplar Materials

Television remains a popular industry at MS4 in that is encourages students and teachers to study contemporary texts as a result of availability and immediacy and use archives such as 4OD, BBC iPlayer and ITV Player. Good combinations include one American programme regularly broadcast on British television, one high production value, mainstream British text and one with a more selective, niche target audience – House, Britain’s Got Talent and Charlie Brooker’s Black...

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Television Info »

Rob Miller | Tuesday September 27, 2011

Categories: A Level, Eduqas (WJEC) A Level, WJEC A2, WJEC A2 Media Studies, WJEC AS, WJEC AS Media Studies, Television, Intro to Television

Cultural Context

  • “Television is the Drug of the Nation”
  • “Like Religion Television is a form of Social Control”
  • “Television has a disproportionate status in our lives”
  • “Television is cool, there’s loads of great programmes and those massive HD, LCD/Plasma screens are so awesome. I’m gonna get a 3D TV and sit in my front room with the silly glasses on, woo-hoo!”

Marshall McLuhan

  • “The Medium is the Message” – Like the Cultivation Theory McLuhan...
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