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Radio Part 1 »

Jeremy Orlebar | Wednesday November 11, 2009

Categories: Other Topics, Production Zone, Audio Production, Radio, Intro to Radio

Why Radio?

Radio is a great medium to work in. Radio is a great way to listen to music, and radio is a great friend on a long journey or just at home.

At one time radio was the only way to hear the latest pop songs, and albums and to keep up to date with the top selling singles in the charts.

Before music television (MTV began in America on August 1st 1981) young people listened to the radio, and bought singles after they had heard them on the radio.

Radio has developed in...

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Radio Codes & Conventions »

Rob Miller | Thursday August 09, 2012

Categories: A Level, OCR A Level, OCR A2, OCR AS, Eduqas (WJEC) A Level, WJEC AS, WJEC AS Media Studies, Key Concepts, Media Language, Hot Entries, Radio, Intro to Radio

  • Radio seeks to entertain, educate, inform, persuade & generate income
  • Digital developments mean that most Radio stations can, or will be received through our Computers or Television – important development for old ‘ILR’ stations
  • Auditory codes = words, music & sound effects
  • Radio relies on listeners understanding of other Media Codes e.g. Television, Newspapers, Advertising (remember Radio came first before TV)
  • Encodes Auditory signifiers to create meaning
  • Role of...
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Community Radio & Radio Production »

Richard Gent | Tuesday October 18, 2011

Categories: Production Zone, Audio Production, Radio, Intro to Radio, More on Radio

Community Radio Stations or RSL radio – Restricted Service Licence Radio Stations exist in most communities.

They are excellent places to make contact with as they can present opportunities for students in terms of observing and participating in radio production.

Try local hospitals too as they often have internal radio stations.

Setting up an RSL is possible and is covered in Ofcom’s website and Ofcom’s Guide to Community Radio is a useful starting point. It’s more a...

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Radio Part 2 »

Jeremy Orlebar | Wednesday November 11, 2009

Categories: Other Topics, Production Zone, Audio Production, Radio, Intro to Radio

Radio research is about people.  It is either looking for Information about people or it is about Getting Hold Of people.

1. Background | People in the News or Celebrities

Try newspapers on the internet:

Daily Telegraph

Daily Mail

The Times

The Financial Times

The Independent

The Guardian

The Sun

The Mirror

The Star

The Morning Star

2. Online News

BBC News (UK)

ABC News (US)

3. Sport

Guardian | Cricket

BBC News | Sport

Sky Sports | Football

4. UK Government

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Radio Quiz »

Phoebe Prentice-Terry | Tuesday August 25, 2009

Categories: Other Topics, Quizzes, Media Studies Quizzes, Radio, Intro to Radio, Skills

These quizzes are best viewed in Firefox.

Firefox is an excellent alternative to Internet Explorer which is available free for both PCs and Macs.

Understanding Radio & Podcasting in Year 8 »

Carl Beck | Tuesday June 02, 2009

Categories: KS3, Year 8, Other Topics, Production Zone, Audio Production, Radio, Intro to Radio, Radio Podcasts, More on Radio, Understanding Media, Understanding Key Topics, Podcasts, Podcasts for Students, Podcasts for Teachers

In Term 3 of Year 8, we introduce the students to Radio & Podcasting using Garage Band. The students are required to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding by creating their own radio programme and podcast. This unit is intended to develop the students technical skills with Garage Band.

Every sixth lesson the students sit a formal assessment and are awarded a National Curriculum level using our tailor-made assessment structure.

The skills are introduced by class...

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