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Video Equipment Guide »

Jeremy Orlebar | Wednesday April 24, 2013

Categories: Production Zone, Video Production, iTraining, Improve Your Teaching, Procurement, Staffroom, Equipment

Digital camcorders are now very good value and you can buy one for about £200. Important considerations:

1. Memory Card | The Most User Friendly Format

Virtually all camcorders now use memory cards to store audio and video.

This works well in an educational situation as each video group, or individual, can have its own card, making it less likely to lose shot material. 

2. Choose A Camcorder with an Exterior Mic Input

An exterior mic offers superior sound quality. The...

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Setting Up A Media Suite »

Rob McMinn | Thursday May 07, 2009

Categories: Other Topics, Staffroom, Equipment

About The Author

I used to work as an IT consultant and marketing manager for Jigsaw Systems Ltd, who are the UK’s largest Apple dealer. ( I recommend you speak to them if you want a site visit or need to get a quotation.

It was my job to introduce Jigsaw into the video/audio markets, so I did about 18 months research into music production, sound for video, video production, as well as dealing with Jigsaw’s existing market for desktop publishing,...

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Cameras and Sound »

Richard Gent | Friday June 24, 2016

Categories: Community Q&A, Hardware, Key Concepts, Production, Production Zone, Video Production, Teacher Zone, Admin, iTraining, Procurement, Staffroom, Equipment

We’re offering the new Digital Media Technicals from September. Can anyone recommend any decent cameras that have a microphone jack? I would like to buy the microphone separately to ensure sound quality. Not being a hardware specialist, I am struggling with where to start. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks Hannah.

You will need to use DSLRs. I looked around at this for a while and that is the only really viable option. I would get a Canon D550/D600 (D600 has movable...

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Equipment Permission Form »

Richard Gent | Tuesday November 17, 2015

Categories: Community Q&A, Hardware, Admin, iTraining, Templates, Staffroom, Equipment

Do you know if anyone has a loan agreement for students to sign when borrowing school equipment? I want to be able to lend out our drone / GoPro etc and be covered if it gets broken / lost. Many thanks, David

Here is a form we created some time ago. It’s addressed to parents, which may be a better idea. Hope this helps.

  • Equipment Permission Form

Get involved!

If you have a question or an answer you would like including please contact us by clicking on the Edusites Media...

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Hardware »

Richard Gent | Thursday November 05, 2015

Categories: Community Q&A, Hardware, Admin, Staffroom, Equipment

I wonder if you could ask the community for advice on basic equipment for setting up a Media department in terms of hardware. I am currently running CIE AS and A2 and hoping to move to AQA GCSE in the near future as well. At present, I have a homemade green screen and a Sony camcorder. That is it. I have a very limited budget. Thanks, Holly

If she is swapping to AQA, the brief gives the option of doing a magazine and a website so she would need very little equipment for this....

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Improve Your Teaching | Audio Production »

Viki Walden | Thursday April 25, 2013

Categories: Production Zone, Audio Production, Video Production, Skills, Video Camera Skills, iTraining, Improve Your Teaching, Staffroom, Equipment


1. Understanding Sound

Sound is a feature often dismissed by students as the least important element, when in fact it can provide as much meaning for the audience as every visual and technical facet.

In this scene from Reservoir Dogs the song playing on the radio “Stuck In The Middle With You” is contrapuntal to the action, revealing the psychopathic nature of Mr Blonde. Parallel sound would have created a completely different sense, such as in the second clip: Casino...

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Green Screen | Blue Screen | Chroma Key | Colour Separation Overlay »

Jeremy Orlebar | Thursday September 13, 2012

Categories: Hot Entries, Production Zone, Video Production, Staffroom, Equipment

The green screen process works by replacing a green (or blue) colour element - typically the background - in a picture with another picture, series of pictures or animations. In a simple scenario an interviewee will be videoed against a green background, which will be substituted with relevant pictures – a process which can be done very simply in editing with Avid, or Final Cut Pro or other editing software.

This process of electronically overlaying colour in a frame...

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Understanding Editing »

Nicole Ponsford | Wednesday December 14, 2011

Categories: Film, Film Analysis, Film Language, Mise-en-scene, Hot Entries, Production Zone, Video Production, Staffroom, Equipment

What is it?

This is the post-production process of making a moving image text, by the selection and ordering of a range of shots (the footage) into a continuous sequence. Editing can bring in audio (dialogue, score and sound effects), titles (credits) and still images.

Editing can help to enforce a theme, narrative or atmosphere, due to the pace and combination of elements selected. This could be through the use of a montage, the use of continuity editing, or the timing of...

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iTraining | Mac vs PC? »

Nicole Ponsford | Sunday October 23, 2011

Categories: Hot Entries, iTraining, Templates, Budgets, Procurement, Staffroom, Equipment


There are many reasons why you may choose Macs or PCs as the IT background of your department. You may not have a choice. However, we want to help you if you wish to argue either way for what you think is best for your students, your course and your team.


1. Tech Support - chances are that your IT technicians are PC users in the main. This means that if something goes wrong with your computers / server you will be able to get help - quickly.

2. Many homes will have...

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iTraining | Budget »

Nicole Ponsford | Sunday October 23, 2011

Categories: Hot Entries, iTraining, Templates, Budgets, Procurement, Staffroom, Equipment



There are two ways to look at this:

1. Before the course.

If you are at the start of this, you are in a great position. It may be that the Principal has asked you to set up this course from scratch. You have decided to go with AQA for example. Now what? First things first: money.

2. Once the course has started.

Ok. This is the more realistic of the two. Many teachers get asked to start the course and are too busy looking at specifications / freaking out / tying up...

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Internet Safety Animation by Newman School »

Jack Todhunter | Monday February 21, 2011

Categories: Advertising, More on Advertising, Key Concepts, Introductory Resources, Understanding Media, Production Zone, Skills, Staffroom, Equipment

This video was created using a combo of three programs. First, a cheap Mac program called Noodle Flix. This allows green screen and allows you to animate half a dozen digital heads, male and female.

Second a “cloud” program called Xtranormal which used to be free but they now charge for downloads. This gives you camera moves like a studio and third a PC program called Crazytalk which is very versatile. You can animate eyes and mouths on objects but it is meant for faces. A...

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Camera Angles Quiz »

Phoebe Prentice-Terry | Tuesday August 25, 2009

Categories: Film, Other Topics, Production Zone, Digital Photography, Quizzes, Media Studies Quizzes, Skills, Video Camera Skills, Staffroom, Equipment

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