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Ardnox Cartoonists »

Richard Gent | Wednesday May 19, 2010

Categories: Ardnox High, Cartoonists


Hunt Emerson has been drawing comics since the early 1970s.

His work has appeared in publications as varied as The Beano, The Wall Street Journal, Radio Times, Fortean Times, Fiesta, and Which Bike?

He has also published around 30 of his own comic books. He has three cats, who keep him on the straight and narrow.



John has a full-time job trying to replace his VHS collection with DVDs and tries to...

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Ardnox Characters »

Richard Gent | Wednesday May 19, 2010

Categories: Ardnox High, Characters


Class - 10B

Into: Horror films and The Simpsons

Molly isn’t really a troublemaker, but she always seems to be in trouble.

She just enjoys a good laugh and maybe it gets out of hand on the odd occasion, or twelve.

She has a gleefully unhealthy love of splatter movies.


Class - 10B

Into: Spy stories and urban music

Jaz might not be the sharpest student at Ardnox, but he tries his best.

One day he hopes to join the secret service as one of their top agents....

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