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Animation from 1928 - 1945 »

Steve Cavalier | Thursday April 09, 2009

Categories: Film, Animation, 1928 - 1945, Other Topics

The Rise Of Disney and The First Sound Cartoons

In 1927 the first ‘talking’ motion picture was released, The Jazz Singer starring Al Jolsen, which helped to popularize sound in films. Many cinemas now fitted the sound technology to show the new films.

Walt Disney

In 1928 Walt Disney rushed out ‘Steamboat Wille’ the first widely distributed synchronised sound cartoon, ‘Steamboat Wille’ (synchronised or sync, means when the sound effects and talking are in time...

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Animation Links »

Steve Cavalier | Wednesday April 29, 2009

Categories: Other Topics, Production Zone, Audio Production, Digital Photography, Video Production, Web Production, Skills, Software, Animation, Pre 1908, 1908 - 1928, 1928 - 1945, 1945 - 1970, 1970 - 1990, 1990 to Present Day, DIY Animation, Animation Links

2D Animation Software

Adobe AfterEffects [PC & Mac]
Publisher: Adobe
License: Free Trial
Comments: Motion graphics and visual effects for film and media.

Animator-9 3.6 [PC]
Publisher: Key Technology
License: Free
Comments: Make animated GIFs from your digital camera.

AniS 1.0 [PC]
Publisher: Tom Whittaker
License: Free
Comments: Simple image manipulation for the web.

Bauhaus Mirage [PC]

Jumpwel [PC]
Publisher: Phildes
License: Free
Comments: Basic object manipulator for...

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