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Working In The Media - Careers Information

jeremy | Friday April 24, 2009

Categories: Other Topics, Careers, Employment

So you want to work in the media. Good, it is an exciting career, and there are plenty of opportunities for anyone who works hard and learns as they go along.

If you are at school and are not yet sure what you want to do but like the idea of working in television or radio, then all you have to do is to get as much experience as possible in all areas of media production.

If you are looking at studying media in higher education then make sure you choose an HE course which has plenty of opportunities for actual video production, and is not mainly theoretical.

All media departments have some video production kit, such as a camcorder. Make sure you use it as much as you can and not just for the assignments.

While you are still in education, it is vitally important that you get experience using a video camera, setting up sound and lighting, as well as creative experience writing scripts, directing and producing.

Personal Skills

If you want to work in one of the many jobs in television and film – see below for a run down of the job areas – you should have these sort of personal skills:

  • You like working in a team
  • You are adaptable
  • You are a good learner – there is always something new to learn in the media
  • You get along well with people, and are a good communicator
  • You are motivated to make television programmes and films
  • You have energy and enthusiasm

Practical Skills

If you have some or all of these personal skills then you should make sure you have some practical skills.

A television production company looking to recruit someone straight from college will want someone who has good media work experience and can:

  • Shoot professional looking pictures with a video camera
  • Understand video production techniques and codes
  • Work effectively with microphones
  • Edit video on industry standard software such as Avid or Final Cut Pro.
  • Mix audio and create a soundtrack on editing software
  • Present or pitch a self made video to a panel of...

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