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WJEC Level 1/2 Creative & Media Unit 2: Creating an Outcome in Response to a Brief

Rob Miller | Thursday July 16, 2015

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Welcome to the second Creative and Media unit (Unit 1 is an exam you take in March based on a Brief sent to your school/college in December).

This vocational course is designed for applied, creative learners who like to learn by doing – in this unit we are developing materials in response to a Brief (an outcome).

Some brilliant work has been developed in response to commissions and briefs in the creative and media sectors – this is your chance! See Brief below.

Pupils and teachers can find out more information about this course at the WJEC CBAC website. For your teachers - it is recommended that 30 hours are available for this unit.

This is a practical, portfolio based unit where you produce work based on assignments that is graded:

  • Pass
  • Merit
  • Distinction

Sample Assignment Brief

The local authority is planning to organise a local film festival that highlights work by local filmmakers but also celebrates the work of existing producers and directors – to ensure the festival has a unique selling point (USP), a theme of cultural diversity has been suggested meaning there needs to be a range of work exhibited reflecting the wider community.

Your assignment is to create an outcome in your chosen discipline, which will form part of this festival. You are encouraged to explore and experiment with ideas before creating a final outcome, which should be imaginative, innovative and tailored to a specified audience.

At the end of the process, you are expected to evaluate your outcome, considering the strengths and areas for development, both in the process and in the final presentation.

It is acceptable for candidates to have access to their research notes, sketches, mock-ups, plans, etc. to assist them in the development of their final outcome.

What You Have to do Now

Develop work for five assignments that will be detailed below, but here they are in brief:

  1. Plan and prepare the way you will be responding to this Brief...

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