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WJEC GCSE Unit 2 CA: Creating for the Media: Investigating and Producing

Rob Miller | Tuesday September 16, 2014

Categories: GCSE, Eduqas (WJEC) GCSE, WJEC GCSE Media Studies, Hot Entries, Magazines, Music Press, Music Press Production, Music, Music Promotion, The Press, Production Zone, Print Production

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This is an additional Unit 2 brief - full details can be found on MediaEdu’s WJEC GCSE Media Studies controlled assessment admin and process resource.

Students need to produce three pieces of work from at least three media. ‘Media’ is interpreted as film, television, animated film, radio, magazines, music videos, websites, computer games, newspapers and advertising – not platforms.

  • Two Textual Investigations on two media (one must be print based) - 20%
  • One Media Production – Research, Planning, Production, Evaluation – 40%

Note: The textual investigations must not be based on the production topic.

There is no prohibition on students wishing to undertake one textual investigation only on the Unit 1 examined topics e.g. on Print Advertising and Television Advertising (June 2015) or Film Trailers and Film Posters (June 2016) but the media production cannot be based on the Unit 1 examined topic.

Controlled Assessment Tasks - The Brief

Textual Investigation 1 must be based on genre, Textual Investigation 2 must based on Narrative or Representation. They must both be approximately between 400 – 850 words although there is no prescriptive word length. The investigations can be presented as prose, illustrated or not illustrated, a PowerPoint presentation or as Annotated or Illustrated Notes with a summary written report. One main text needs to be examined plus two supplementary texts. Both textual investigations must be individual work and

one must be print based.

  • MediaEdu’s suggested textual investigation 1 - “Explore how national identity (nation) is represented in The Daily Mail”.
  • MediaEdu’s suggested textual investigation 2 – “Investigate how genre conventions are used in Britain’s Got Talent”.

A* Textual Investigation 1: Extended Exemplar Response

The Daily Mail is a newspaper that historically (first published in 1896) has encoded a traditional representation of national identity – by...

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