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WJEC GCSE Print and TV Advertising Glossary of Terms

Rob Miller | Tuesday April 14, 2015

Categories: GCSE, Eduqas (WJEC) GCSE, WJEC GCSE Media Studies, Advertising, TV Advertising, Hot Entries, Print, Print Advertising

Advertising copy: The advertising content of printed media e.g. magazines or newspapers.

Editorial copy: The non-advertising content of printed media.

Marketing: Including the 4ps (product, price, placement and promotion) - marketing is the umbrella term that advertising is a part of.

Advertising: The physical communication of making an audience aware of a brand.

Product: An object being sold e.g. trainers.

Brand: The image, name and identity of an object e.g. Nike trainers.

Brand identity: How that image is sold through advertising e.g. through logo, colour, sound, typeface, connotations, star marketing, graphics, use of language…..it is recognisable and memorable.

Advertising agency: The organisation that is often approached by a brand to coordinate their marketing campaign. Barnardos approached the agency BBH (Bartle, Bogle and Hegarty) in 2000 and they have been designing their campaigns ever since. BBH are an in-house agency while some agencies will contract out film production and digital campaigns for example.

Creative brief: The document, or agreement that is drawn up between the client and the agency e.g. Honda and Widen and Kennedy.

Corporate brand: A brand, like Virgin who have a number of products that share the same brand name – Virgin Airlines, Cola, Phone Network, Broadband, Make Up, Credit Card….

Global brand: A brand, like Coco-cola, which is advertised, and sold all over the world.

Product use: Where audiences see the product physically used and perform in the advert e.g. Calgon (washing machines).

Advertising jingle: A piece of music that is often associated with an audio-visual advert.

Product image: Where a brand is sold through imagery associated with it – sometimes you don’t see the brand until the end of the advert.

Media agency: An organisation that is responsible for buying advertising space e.g. slots/spots between television programmes, on the back cover of magazines, banner adverts...

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