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WJEC GCSE - Music Fan Websites

jeremy | Thursday April 14, 2011

Categories: GCSE, Eduqas (WJEC) GCSE, WJEC GCSE Media Studies, Hot Entries, Music, Fan Websites

Associated Resources (by Rob Miller)

  • Katy Perry Star Site.doc
  • Music Industry Fan Site Sample Deconstruction: http://www.katyfan.com.doc
  • Music Industry Product Site Sample Deconstruction: http://www.kerrang.com.doc
  • Music Industry Social Networking Site Sample Deconstruction: Jay Z.doc
  • Music Industry Star Site Sample Deconstruction: http://www.rollingstones.com.doc
  • https://media.edusites.co.uk/index.php/article/2012-wjec-gcse-media-studies-unit-1-scheme-of-work-music-industry-websites-/

Section B

Section B of the exam is about writing about a prepared music fan website. Students have to complete tasks along these lines:

Task 1: Create a name for your fan website. Briefly say why you used this name.[4]

Task 2: List three features of your website. Briefly explain these features. [6]

Task 3: Plan the design for the home page of your new website. You may annotate your plan. [10]

Task 4: Explain the plan of your home page design. [10]

Task 5: Many websites for music fans contain interactive sections. Suggest at least two reasons why and explain those reasons.

In preparation for this exam students should create their own fanzine website.

Here are some stages to go through to get there.

Definition Fanzine

A music fanzine (blend of fan and magazine or -zine) is a nonprofessional and nonofficial magazine or website that is produced by fans of a band, or artist or a musical genre. The aim of a fanzine is to provide all sorts of interesting material to other people (fans) who also like the same artist, band or musical genre.

The term was coined in an October 1940 science fiction fanzine by Russ Chauvenet and first popularised within science fiction fandom. (Wikipedia)

A print fanzine is typically distributed free or for a nominal cost to cover print costs. Fanzine websites are free. Copies are often offered in exchange for similar publications, or for contributions of art, articles, or letters of comment, which are then published....

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