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WJEC GCSE Media Studies TV News and News Websites Specimen Paper Mark Scheme

Barry Rainsford | Tuesday January 26, 2016

Categories: GCSE, Eduqas (WJEC) GCSE, WJEC GCSE Media Studies, News, News Websites, Television News, Television, News (Television)

Unit 1 Thinking about the Media: Investigating (TV News) and Planning (Website News)

  • A01: Recall, select, and communicate their knowledge and understanding of media products and the contexts in which they are produced and consumed
  • A02: Analyse and respond to media texts/topics using media key concepts and appropriate terminology
  • A03: Demonstrate research, planning and presentational skills
  • A04: Construct and evaluate their own products using creative and technical skills

Question 1: 10 marks. Name and outline five conventions of mainstream TV news.

  • A02: Analyse and respond to media texts/topics using media key concepts and appropriate terminology

2 marks for each of the elements outlined: content may include but not exclusive:

  • Use of station ID/brand logo – recognition and values
  • serious/recognisable music
  • unchanging graphics/intro – breadth/scope of coverage of events
  • studio anchor/presenter as face of the news – may be talking head, but now stand; use of laptops etc.
  • inserts/live filmed reports from correspondents
  • use of interviews with experts/significant stakeholders
  • high key lighting/mise-en-scene
  • appropriate studio design – busy reporters in background; shot of city.

Level 1 (0-2) 1-2 marks awarded for basic description and/or limited conventions e.g. a TV news programme has a reporter behind a desk (0-2).

Level 2 (3-5) Description of some conventions emerging (2-3) e.g. TV news has serious news stories and this is shown by the design of the studio with the presenter dressed professionally and appearing business-like.

Level 3 (6-7) 5 appropriate conventions identified using some media terminology e.g. TV news programmes run with hard news stories as their lead. These stories are supported by the use of filmed location reports or interviews with experts or people who are significant in the story.

Level 4 (8-10) Sophisticated identification of the conventions –5 clear examples of conventions with each described...

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