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WJEC GCSE Media Studies Newspapers and Radio News Exemplar A* Response

Rob Miller | Tuesday July 19, 2016

Categories: GCSE, Eduqas (WJEC) GCSE, WJEC GCSE Media Studies, News, Newspapers, Radio, Radio News, Teacher Zone, Admin, Staffroom, Mocks

Candidate Name:
Centre Number:
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Media Studies

Unit 1 Thinking about the Media: Investigating and Planning

Monday 5th June 2017

Exemplar A* response developed by Edusites Media

2 hours 15 minutes

Section A (40) 38
Section B (40) 37
Total (80) 75

Additional Materials

Printed Resource Material for use with Section A

Optional: coloured pens/pencils and rulers for use with Section B

Spare paper for notes (to be provided by centre)

Instructions to Candidates


  • Write your name, centre number and candidate number in the spaces at the...

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