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WJEC GCSE Media Studies Newspapers and Radio News Booster Student Workbook

Barry Rainsford | Saturday October 01, 2016

Categories: GCSE, Eduqas (WJEC) GCSE, WJEC GCSE Media Studies, News, Newspapers, Radio, Radio News

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This booklet is to support the preparation for the unit examination for WJEC GCSE Media. This workbook will enable you to work through the series of sessions led by your teacher and help you to start thinking about the kinds of tasks you will be asked to undertake once in the final examination.

As part of the work it is expected that you will be preparing case studies on both newspapers and radio news by studying a tabloid, broadsheet and possibly local newspaper as well as studying news bulletins on both national and local radio stations. For this, you will be working independently with some teacher support to prepare to answer the 4 questions in Section A of the examination and the tasks in Section B which will require you producing a media product related to radio news.

The final section of the workbook provides a series of possible research activities, some practice tasks and a glossary of relevant terms.

All of this material has been used in a large examination centre and proven very successful in preparing students of all abilities for examinations in Media Studies.

You will use this material for stimulus and to consider the media issues but will be writing the responses up in your exercise book or folder. These will be a vital part of your revision and research.

As part of this work, if you have any questions you can email these to us at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) and we will attempt to provide you with answers.

It is important that you know and understand what is being assessed in your examination answers. These are called the Assessment Objectives and they are a key element in all of the work in this unit.

WJEC GCSE Assessment Objectives

  • AO1:...

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