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WJEC GCSE Exam Topic - Music 2011 & 2012

jeremy | Sunday August 22, 2010

Categories: GCSE, Eduqas (WJEC) GCSE, WJEC GCSE Media Studies, Magazines, Music Press, Music, British Pop Music, Music Promotion, Music Video, The Press

2011 Exam

Section A - Music Video
Section B - Music Fan Websites

2012 Exam

Section A - Music Industry Websites
Section B - Music Magazines

The exam (40% of the final mark)  2 hours 15 minutes. The topic is music. Candidates will be expected to study the topic in a way which reflects the convergent nature of contemporary media.

The paper is divided into



Section A: Thinking about the Media – Investigating

This will assess candidates on their knowledge and understanding of the set topic in relation to the main areas from the specification framework. The three main areas examined in section A are genre, narrative and representation and marketing within the set topic

Section B: Thinking about the Media – Planning

This will assess candidates’ planning and creative skills through a series of creative tasks demonstrating an awareness of the convergent nature of contemporary media.


The topic is Sci-Fi

SECTION A: Thinking about the Media – Investigating Science Fiction Film 40 marks

The extract is taken from the Science Fiction film, I, Robot.

1. (a) Identify two camera shots from the extract. [4]

1. (b) Briefly explain why these two shots are used. [6]

2. (a) Identify two typical elements of Science Fiction films from the extract. [4]

2. (b) Explain how one of these elements is typical. [6]

3. Explore how either men or women are represented in Science Fiction films. [10]

4. Outline two ways mainstream films like I, Robot are marketed. Explain why they are marketed in these ways.

SECTION B: Thinking about the Media – Planning Science Fiction Film and the convergent media 40 marks

5. A film organisation which distributes films has asked you to create a website for their latest Science Fiction film.

Complete the following tasks:

Task 1: Create a name for your website. Briefly say why you used this name.[4]

Task 2: List three features of your website. Briefly explain these features....

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