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WJEC AS Media Studies MS2: Media Production Processes

Rob Miller | Wednesday January 22, 2014

Categories: A Level, Eduqas (WJEC) A Level, WJEC AS, WJEC AS Media Studies, Production Zone, Print Production

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MS2 is the coursework element of AS Media Studies and is worth 50% of the qualification. The three linked components of the unit are:

  • Pre Production (Research and Planning): 20 Marks
  • Production (developed out of the Pre Production): 40 Marks
  • Report (1200-1600 words): 40 Marks

Unlike MS3, MS2 is more a ‘teacher led unit’ (Barbara Connell) but also requiring students to develop independent skills of research, planning production and evaluation. The most popular briefs nationally are Print Magazines and Storyboards with Trailers with technical skills as equally important as creative skills in terms of assessment.  Blogs are to be discouraged (unlike other exam boards) and WJEC still require work to be physically sent to the moderator.

Pre Production: MediaEdu Exemplar – Draft Designs – 2x Women’s Lifestyle Monthly Magazine Front Covers

This is an individual piece of work but may be set on a whole class basis. Pre production work will focus on the research and planning skills needed to create media productions. Pre production may involve research into comparable products, key aspects of the industry e.g. magazine publishers/press packs, identification of target audience, audience feedback from blogs, questionnaires and focus groups. Research must


be submitted to WJEC (see Report).

Production: MediaEdu Exemplar – One Magazine Double Page Spread from a Women’s Lifestyle Monthly Magazine

Access to appropriate software is necessary for MS2 and according to WJEC “It is essential they (the students) have access to appropriate technical equipment and that they have been taught how to use it prior to undertaking their productions?.

For audio-visual group productions, max group size 4 (audio-visual can also be individual) it must be stressed the only permitted roles are CAMERA, EDITING AND SOUND with marks allocated for individual creative input – each student in a group must demonstrate “a...

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