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WJEC AS Media Studies MS1 Representation of Events | Operation Yewtree

Rob Miller | Thursday September 12, 2013

Categories: A Level, Eduqas (WJEC) A Level, WJEC AS, WJEC AS Media Studies, Key Concepts, Audience, Genre, Ideology, Institutions, Media Language, Narrative, Representation & Stereotyping, Hot Entries

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Operation Yewtree is a Police investigation, led by London’s Metropolitan Police into alleged sexual abuse, predominantly of minors that commenced on October 2012. It started after enquiries were made following the death of Sir Jimmy Savile on October 2011, a year earlier and expanded to include other high profile celebrities, mainly accused of similar offences in 1960s, into the 1970s and for some of the accused the 1980s – literally hundreds of allegations of child abuse and rape were disclosed leading the Police to believe that Savile was a predatory, prolific sex offender. Initially 589 victims came forward of whom 450 alleged abuse by Savile although as of writing in late August 2013, this is a fluid figure.

This resource seeks to provide a context for the investigation but focusing on how the media has represented the event/events and issue of sexual abuse linking with key texts, primarily Tabloid news media and television news and studying notions of representation of institution, primarily the BBC.

The catalyst for Operation Yewtree was an ITV documentary, Exposure: The Other Side of Jimmy Savile broadcast on 3rd October 2012. The programme had been researched in depth, over a period of a year by former Police Detective and Presenter, Mark Williams-Thomas. Williams-Thomas is a well-known Child Protection Specialist who has successfully moved from work as a serving Police Officer to media personality. According to his website he is “in demand as a speaker? and is an “award winning investigative reporter with two Royal Television Society Awards, a Broadcasting Press Guild Award and an International Peabody Award?: http://www.williams-thomas.co.uk/.

During the documentary Williams-Thomas identifies his credentials as serving for 12 years in Surrey Police Force and being heavily involved in the arrest and charging of convicted sex abuser, singer/ songwriter/producer Jonathan King in 2001....

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