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jeremy | Wednesday June 03, 2009

Categories: A Level, Eduqas (WJEC) A Level, WJEC AS, WJEC AS Media Studies

An Overview

As with all the new specifications in Media A Levels there are 4 units.

AS has 2 units and A2 has 2 units.

MS1 or Unit 1 - The Exam

The WJEC Unit 1 is called MS1 and is 25 % of the complete 4 unit A level.

The AS UNIT 1 exam paper is 50% of the total AS mark. This is an externally assessed 2½ hour written paper on the topic of Media Representations and Responses.

MS1 is marked for 2 assessment objectives AO1 and AO2.

AO1 Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of media concepts, contexts and critical debates.

A02 Apply knowledge and understanding when analysing media products and processes, and when evaluating students’ own practical work, to show how meanings and responses are created.

MS1 has THREE COMPULSORY QUESTIONS, including one question on unseen audio-visual or print-based material (interactive media will be presented as print-based)

Q1 requires an analysis of an unseen audio/visual or print-based extract and is worth 40 marks.

Questions 2 and 3 will be based on representation and audience issues and may be subdivided where appropriate and are worth 30 marks each (30 and 30).

Paper raw mark total: 100


MS2 or Unit 2 - Coursewok

UNIT 2: MS2 is 25% of complete A level. 50% of the AS level. This is internally assessed MEDIA PRODUCTION PROCESSES – in other words, coursework.

There are 3 components:

  1. pre-production (20 marks)
  2. production which develops from the pre-production (40 marks)
  3. report on the production process (40 marks)

(Group work with individual portfolios permitted for audio-visual productions only.)

For a possible scheme of work for MS Unit 2 follow this link: MS UNIT 2

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