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WJEC A2 MS4 Scheme

jeremy | Thursday January 27, 2011

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A2 Strategy

WJEC recommend to teach MS4 before MS3. For a class that has two sessions a week MS3 course work could run parallel with MS4 textual teaching as MS4 needs to be wholly taught.

For MS4, three main texts from each of three different industries – 9 texts in all - are taught in class so that students have a very solid platform to answer the exam questions.

MS4 Intro Exam Details

This the final exam and worth 25% of the whole A level. It is in June, and is a 2½ hour written paper called Media – Text, Industry and Audience.

There are three questions to answer (30 marks per question), each one on a different media industry.

Section A: one question from a choice of two.
Section B: two questions from a choice of four.

Each question will require students to make reference to the three main texts they have studied for each media industry.

At least two of the chosen texts must be contemporary and one must be British. By contemporary it means within the last five years, so nothing before 2006.

For the exam choose three from these main media industries:

  • Television
  • Radio
  • Film
  • Music
  • Newspaper
  • Magazine (including comics)
  • Advertising
  • Computer Games

In studying each industry students should look at issues such as:

  • production and distribution
  • marketing and promotion
  • regulation issues
  • global implications
  • relevant historical background

The relevance of the audience to each industry can be looked at under thee headings:

  • audience/user targeting
  • audience/user positioning
  • audience responses and user interaction
  • debates about the relationship between audiences/users and text.

This is teacher directed learning so choose areas that suit you. There are nine texts to be taught.

Weeks 1-4 Film Industry Study

An example of an industry to be taught is the film Industry. 

Select three texts as a way of exploring films, their audiences and the film industry in terms of production, distribution...

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