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WJEC A2 MS3 Scheme

jeremy | Thursday January 27, 2011

Categories: A Level, Eduqas (WJEC) A Level, WJEC A2, WJEC A2 Media Studies


A2 Strategy

WJEC suggests that this is not a class taught module, although production skills may need to be taught.

Students are required to produce three pieces of linked work:

1. An individual research investigation (1400 – 1800 words)

2. A production which reflects what they have found out in their investigation

3. Students should not use the same texts as MS4 but can use the same industries, and not the same form and genre as MS2

4. A brief evaluation (500 – 750 words).

Weeks 1-2 Deciding and refining the research investigation

WJEC offers some suggestions. Two texts only are required.

The representation of teenagers in two British films (Thirteen is popular and compare to London to Brighton)

The generic similarities between Doctor Who and Stargate (or another TV sci-fi such as Torchwood, or any other two TV series where the genre is clearly defined – for a full analysis of Doctor Who see this site under Television | Television Drama | Doctor Who Cross Media Case Study

The narrative structures of The X Factor and Strictly Come Dancing. For more details on Reality TV series see this site Television | Reality TV | Understanding Reality TV.

Week 3 Link research to production

Students to think ahead so that their investigation will inform their production. 

For example: students investigating genre under sci-fi will have to produce a sci-fi related production. Students who can create digital effects should be able to produce a sci-fi video trailer fro example, but without CGI it will be hard to make it look really effective and professional, whereas a video including teenage representation would be less complex.

Narrative structures of reality shows could be included in students own reality style show type programme or trailer- from make-over format to talent show –  all things most students could do well on video, print or e-media.

Teen Movies

One linked idea might be to...

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