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WJEC A Level Media Studies Recommended Text Books

Richard Gent | Friday November 13, 2015

Categories: A Level, Eduqas (WJEC) A Level, WJEC A2, WJEC A2 Media Studies, WJEC AS, WJEC AS Media Studies, Community Q&A, Primary & Secondary Research, Recommended Text Books

I was just wondering if anybody can recommend some useful text books for teaching WJEC A and AS Media Studies? Many thanks, Catherine

I would highly recommend the WJEC AS Media Studies Study and Revision Guide by Christine Bell and edited by Barbara Connell, I swear by it and my students love it just as much. When I first started teaching AS Media I tried various other textbooks but this one is brilliant and has all of the information that students need to know for both coursework and the exam. It also has a glossary of terms at the back and some quick-fire questions with the answers which is really good for revision. It also has a section that gives you snippets of exemplar answers from past exams with examiners comments at the side. I base the majority of my lessons around it and would highly recommend!  There is also an A Level one which looks exactly the same, which again, I would highly recommend. Christine Bell is the Principle Examiner for MS1. Charlotte Hammond

I never use text books in class but the ones I get students to buy to help with their wider reading are those by Illuminate Publishing. If you call them they will often give a 15% discount if you are buying a few. Steve Baxter

AS Media Studies The Essential Introduction for WJEC and A2 Media Studies The Essential Introduction for WJEC on the Routledge site are worth a look but I do have a vested interest. Pete Wall

I don’t particularly use a textbook due to the changing nature of Media but I do use the WJEC Media Studies Study and Revision Guides for AS and A2 as they are written by Christine Bell and Barbara Connell (Principal/Chief Examiners for WJEC); these books are good guides to the expectations of what the exam board wants us to teach. The A2 revision guide, however, only has an example from each industry so is not useful for the students but a good guide for the teacher. I also use Media Studies The Essential Introduction for WJEC which is a little out of...

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