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Web Design Guide for Google Sites

| Wednesday November 11, 2009

Categories: Other Topics, Production Zone, Web Production, Digital Media, Internet, New Technologies

Click on the hyperlink to begin creating a website using Google Sites:


You will need to create a google mail account (if you do not already have one).

Give the Site an appropriate name –  the site URL will be generated from the Site name you give it.

To keep the Google Site secure – select the option Only people I specify can view this site

Then type the given code into the box and click on Create site.

The site is now created and you will be presented with the next screen

Web Page

As and when you add other pages, you will need to click on Choose a different location to continue to put the page under Home.

Click on Create Page to make your web page

On the webpage, you are offered these other options.


An attachment can be added by simply browsing and uploading.


A comment can be added to the webpage – (useful for giving feedback!)

Other types of Pages


Choosing this option will create an Announcement page, which is in a post format. Could be used for blogging.

File Cabinet

Choosing this option will create a filing/storage structure or a page of links (useful for a bibliography)

I have chosen to create my own useful student list – giving easy access to my students EPortfolios.

Other useful tips

Student ePortfolio

Google Sites can be used to contain a Students EPortfolio.  When they set their site up, they should make sure they share it with the Tutor. This means that the Tutor can access the EPortfolio and use the Comments facility to add any required feedback.

Subscribe to Site Changes

This option can be found in the More actions menu.  In effect it means that if you are using Google Sites as an EPortfolio system for students work, you can track when they work on it.  It will generate an email which is sent to the tutor’s email account.

To do this, you should visit their Google Site and then click on More...

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