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Video Production Part 2

jeremy | Tuesday October 20, 2009

Categories: Production Zone, Video Production


See Understanding Storyboarding.


Interviewing is fun. Being part of a video crew allows you to interview all sorts of people in all sorts of places.

Sometimes, of course, people will refuse to be interviewed and don’t expect to be allowed onto the red carpet at a film première in Leicester Square without a lot of ‘talking to the right people’. Basically if you don’t ask then you have no chance of getting that star interview.

I have had the pleasure of seeing some famous and many not so famous people interviewed on camera by students. One student somehow got herself a press pass for the Venice film festival and interviewed several big stars who were delighted to talk to a young filmmaker. It can be done, but not before students have experienced doing interviews with each other and other people in their neighbourhood.

Top Interviewing Tips

Ask open questions. These are questions that require more than a yes or no answer, and are referred to as the 6 Ws.

  • WHO
  • WHAT
  • WHEN
  • WHY
  • HOW

Start all your questions with one of the 6 Ws and your interviewee has to respond with a few sentences.


Ask your lottery wining: do you always play the lottery? And the answer will be Yes or No. That does not make for an interesting video interview.

But if you ask an ‘open’ question then you will definitely get a more interesting answer, and may stimulate your interviewee into making an entertaining response.

When did you start playing the lottery? Or how often have you won on the lottery? What will you do with your prize money, rather than how much have you won?

You may want to cut out your questions and just use the answers. Those answers need to be as comprehensive as possible. Some producers I know say for most programmes the interviewer should ask no more than three or four carefully chosen ‘open’ questions.

Answer in sentences

To help you edit together the answers, without using intrusive...

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