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Video Production Part 1

jeremy | Wednesday October 21, 2009

Categories: Production Zone, Video Production

Video Camera Skills

Video Camera – Getting Started

Making an interesting video with a modern digital camera is pretty easy – making a really good one, like most things, takes practice, and knowledge of a few techniques. You could be forgiven for thinking that it is just a case of pointing the camera, and pressing the red button.

Yes, you will shoot some pictures. They might be quite entertaining especially if it is a nice sunny day and you have some interesting action to shoot such as a street carnival, but this is a home movie, and not a video product that can be compared to a professional video.

To make a video to satisfy examiners and moderators you need to use some professional techniques.


You do not need to spend a lot of money on the kit.

You will need a Video Camera that records on DV (Digital Video) or a memory card. Some video cameras can record onto DVD but these are not recommended for video that needs editing. Memory cards and hard discs are the best bet.

You will need to download the video footage to a computer so make sure that your camera is compatible with your software – ask to road test the camera before buying several cameras.

If you need to buy several cameras then buy several of the same camera – it is important not to mix camera types and makes – why?

With the same camera:

  • batteries can be shared
  • chargers can be shared
  • cables and microphones can be standardised
  • you teach everyone how to use ONE camera
  • students will not rush for the ‘the best camera’ as all cameras are the same

Make sure the camera has an external Sound Input, so that you can use a separate external microphone.

Ideally the camera will have an XLR input for sound- see sound below.

A digital video camera records moving pictures and sound in a digital format and stores the pictures and sound so that they can be downloaded straight into video editing software such as Apple’s imovie, Microsoft movie maker, Adobe Premiere,...

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