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jeremy | Wednesday April 24, 2013

Categories: Production Zone, Video Production, iTraining, Improve Your Teaching, Procurement, Staffroom, Equipment

Digital camcorders are now very good value and you can buy one for about £200. Important considerations:

1. Memory Card | The Most User Friendly Format

Virtually all camcorders now use memory cards to store audio and video.

This works well in an educational situation as each video group, or individual, can have its own card, making it less likely to lose shot material. 

2. Choose A Camcorder with an Exterior Mic Input

An exterior mic offers superior sound quality. The on camera mic is only adequate quality and records sound across a wide angle, and so picks up unwanted extraneous sounds. The red input slot is the exterior mic input. A microphone input connection lets you attach an external microphone to your camcorder. There are a wide range of different microphones available, and most can work via a small input jack. Although this can get loose with use, it is adequate for basic educational video production – see microphones.

Panasonic make camcorders for approx £300 (such as the HC V700) with external mic inputs. Canon and Sony camcorders with external mic inputs cost a little more.

3. Microphones

An exterior mic can be placed closer to the person speaking, records sound in a narrower arc and picks up less extraneous sounds.

This is a Shure mic made of metal which is student proof and has an XLR input – that is a 3 pinned professional plug that stops the cable being pulled out accidentally. This is a relatively cheap but very robust mic. For all round use go for a directional ‘gun‘ or ‘rifle’ mic as made by Rode for example. Not cheap but a very good professional mic.

You will need to pay from £30 to £50 upwards for a good quality robust standard mic. It is worth paying for a good quality mic as it will last. Check this website for further info.

  • http://www.decks.co.uk/articles/wired_mics_homepage

Canon DM-100 Directional Stereo Microphone

The DM-100 directional stereo microphone attaches to the advanced...

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