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Unit 2 Brief for Local Newspaper

Shirley Bierman | Monday February 16, 2009

Categories: A Level, OCR A Level, Nationals, News, More on News

Pre-Production and Planning for a Local Newspaper

Some ideas for teaching of this unit based on pre-production being a new local newspaper for 11-16 year olds.

AO1 Develop basic specific skills to use in text/visual based and audio/audio visual products

Two Text Visual Skills

Using Word write a 150 word leader for a newspaper story on a local story for a local paper that would appeal to a target audience of 11-16 (teacher and students to bring in examples of local newspapers for students to look at to get ideas).

Do not set this out in columns yet but include a headline and a byline and just type out as the initial idea for the story (include a name for the journalist). E.g. writing about someone in your school who is successful at music, sports or has a special skill.

Create three new mastheads for this new newspaper using WordArt (or equivalent) and annotate around the mastheads why it works or doesn’t work for target audience.

Explain which one you favour for this new newspaper and make your reasons clear. Discuss use of name and font used as well as style of presentation for this new masthead.

Take a series of photographs to go with this story that you could also add captions so that the meaning is anchored effectively for the lead story.

Two Audio Skills

Record this leader story as a news items for a local radio station (approximately 2 minutes but no longer).

Record an advert for this new newspaper with music so that mixing of sounds and some editing can take place to fulfil this assessment objective.

Two Audio-Visual Skills

Create a digital storyboard for an advert for this new newspaper using some of the photographs taken earlier for the lead story but also include some images of people reading the new newspaper to make it clear what product is being advertised.

Video the advert once you have created the storyboard so that you can see style of shot to use and make sure the location works.

Design a set (use...

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