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Understanding Teenage & Lifestyles Magazines

jeremy | Thursday September 24, 2009

Categories: Magazines, Teenage & Lifestyle Magazines, Understanding Media, Understanding Key Topics

Publishers like magazines aimed at the teen market. It is an easy way to reach this young readership, and a way of marketing a huge range of teen products. Look on the shelves in the paper shop and there is a big range of titles, but very few are aimed directly at teenagers.

The available income of this group has risen substantially over the past 5-10 years, and this is the stage when young people form the likes, dislikes, passions and opinions that shape them as they move into adulthood. Attract them now, the theory goes, and they will stay with you for a long time.

The trouble is – it seems – teenagers are not buying teen magazines as they used to because they are finding the same sort of content online usually via facebook, Youtube and Myspace. Does this mean that teenagers are being poorly served by publishers? Not necessarily, because there are online versions of the titles they recognise, although these site may not be delivering what young people want.

One of the most popular teen magazines in 2007/8 is Sugar with an average net circulation per issue of 187,059 (abc)

One reader is clearly happy: ‘Sugar is a great magazine that offers useful and helpful information about life as a teenager. It involves the reader and uses a clear and fun layout that appeals to most people…’

Sugar has a lively online presence that tries to steer the reader towards buying the magazine including a second by second countdown until publication of the latest issue. Teenagers are extremely internet-savvy and online magazines that don’t include decent navigation, search and interaction components are avoided. For an online teen magazine to be successful, it has to have a mixture of the right content, the right tone and the right technology.

This can be a difficult thing to achieve and it would seem the easiest way to gain some market share is for the existing teen magazines to transfer to online exactly as they appear in the newsagent....

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